EdgeWise Plant

Model Process Plant Facilities More Accurately and Faster than Ever Before

Now with full PDMS Integration

EdgeWise Plant™ offers a host of features and tools to bring you from field-to-finish more accurately and much faster than ever before. Automated extraction, spec-driven fitting placement, billion-point visualization, and exacting quality assurance tools all combine to make EdgeWise Plant a true end-to-end modeling solution. And now, EdgeWise Plant is fully integrated with PDMS so the intelligent models you create in EdgeWise Plant can be exported to Aveva’s platform with no loss of data. Click here to watch videos of EdgeWise Plant in action.

EdgeWise Plant

Our PDMS plug-in exports the EdgeWise intelligent model to PDMS with no data loss.


Unparalleled Model Accuracy

The quality assurance tools in EdgeWise Plant allow you to verify the accuracy of every extracted pipe to ensure your model is a precise match to the as-built condition. Poorly fitted pipes can be easily resized and refitted to the points, giving you precise control over the accuracy of your model. EdgeWise models are even more accurate than manual modeling because they greatly reduce the element of human error.

The accuracy of the extracted pipes is much better than manual modeling and the software integrated easily into our workflow. – Michael Ciupinski, Structural Design Specialist, 3D Laser Scanning Solutions Ltd.

Reduce Modeling Time by Up to 70%

The automated feature extraction technology in EdgeWise Plant can extract pipes automatically, eliminating the need for manual modeling. All of our automated modeling and finishing tools can cut substantial time compared to manual modeling workflows. Users report time savings of up to 70% with EdgeWise Plant, which can add up to thousands of dollars on larger projects! With savings like these, most EdgeWise Plant users usually see a 100% return on investment in just one or two projects.


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