June 8, 2022

ENG Reduces MEP Modeling with Edgewise in Huge Gas Reservoir BIM Project

30% Faster than Manual Modeling
January 9, 2021

PrecisionPoint Reduces Modeling Time by 65% for Baggage System BIM

Time savings of about 40 work hours
January 9, 2021

Accurate Technologies Saved 2,000 Modeling Hours with Edgewise

55% productivity increase with EdgeWise
January 9, 2021

TruePoint Laser Scanning Saves Modeling Time and Money

Reducing modeling time requirements by at least 60%
January 9, 2021

3DIS Crerates Accurate As-Built Revit Model

55% Workflow Improvement for Scan-to-Revit Modeling
January 9, 2021

Ghafari Saves Time by Eliminating Duplicate Modeling Steps

Eliminating Time-Consuming Manual Modeling Steps
January 9, 2021

SkyBucket streamlines their entire 3D modeling process

66% Productivity Increase in LAX Airport Scanning/Modeling Project
January 9, 2021

Edge-GTS & LP Ciminelli Complete MEP Refurbishment

EdgeWise MEP Delivers a 75% Workflow Savings + A More Accurate Model
January 9, 2021

Digital Surveys does Historic Hotel MEP Remodel

EdgeWise MEP Cuts Modeling Time by 70%