Improve Your Field Workflow Efficiency and Data Visualization

With the new Collage Site 1.2!🎉

The new Collage Site 1.2 is out, and we can’t wait for you to try it out! Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive field registration workflow with improved scanner connectivity settings. Easily customize your data view and scan colorization preferences and apply them to your entire point cloud using a single button—and more! Please see below for more details.  

The most complete in-field registration solution just got better!

Here’s what’s new: 

Connect the GTL to additional applications faster 

Easily disconnect the GTL from Collage Site with the push of a button and pair it with any other device or software of your choice more productively 

Change your entire point cloud color in one click

Select and fine-tune your desired point cloud color preference and apply it to all your scans at once

Easily adjust your data visualization settings

Show and hide data layers, including your point cloud, control points, and targets from all your scans with a single click

Ensure you are within Wi-Fi range to transfer data

You’ll get notified when your connection is too low so you can adjust your position and successfully transfer files

Full Release Notes:

  • Changed Collage Site tilt thresholds to match each scanner’s tilt thresholds 
  • Adjusted the Connect to Scanner button to allow users to connect or disconnect from the scanner 
  • Added a new feature where Collage Site will now warn the user when the strength of the wireless connection is too weak for file transfer 
  • Media size on the status bar is now accurately showing the Space Remaining and Total Space 
  • Added more descriptive error messages throughout Collage Site 
  • Changed Error Reporter Icon 
  • Improved user experience for navigating the split view and other menu items 
  • Made adjustments so that the laser is able to turn on, while the flashlight is active in GTL-1200, which will then turn off the flashlight 
  • Added a tool button to change point cloud color globally 
  • Added a tool button to show/hide data by type