Perform Accurate Registration Faster, Manage Data More Productively

…And More! With the New Collage Site 1.3


Here are just a few highlights:

Extend Your Storage Capacity by up to 50% 💾 

Register Point Clouds 4x FASTER 🔗  

Optimize Registrations 1.5x FASTER ✅


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The most complete in-field registration solution just got faster and more robust!

Here’s what’s new:

Extend your point cloud storage capacity by up to 50%

The improved storage settings in Collage Site 1.3 help you reduce the amount of space required to store high-resolution scan data by up to 50% 

Perform cloud-to-cloud registration 4X faster using high-resolution scans (5.5mm)

Advance your data processing workflow, registering dense data sets faster than ever before #productivitygains 🍻

CS 1.3 Cloud to Cloud Registration

Obtain more accurate registrations 1.5x faster

Collage Site’s Bundle Adjust functionality helps you optimize the quality of your data processing by producing tighter registrations. Get access to those improved results 1.5x faster with our new 1.3 release!

Collage Site Bundle Adjust

What evil do Darth Vader and Collage Site 1.3 now have in common? Supporting imperial units 🙂  

You can now import & export DXF files, as well as generate registration reports in imperial units!

Seamlessly integrate with encrypted Topcon hardware

Topcon Encrypted Hardware

Full Release Notes:

New Features and Improvements

  • Added an ability to migrate project data from WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to Windows partition in Collage Site Resource Controller tool. This allows users not to worry about maximum data storage size
  • Improved processing speed for Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) and data export
  • User will now be notified and shown which scanners to disconnect or unpair, when connected to multiple.
  • Now able to export/import DXF files out in imperial units.
  • Users are now able to hide/show station symbols and labels all at once.
  • Users can now have an option to completely delete a layer in a project.
  • Users will default to the previous station selected in the manual alignment screen, after quick C2C. Users are now able to cancel a scan during the scanning process.
  • Supported imperial units for registration report
  • While using the GTL, a warning message will show if the digital bubble toggle is on during a target measurement
  • While canceling a scan or target measurement, a “Cancel in progress” message shows
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted GTL units would not be able to connect to Collage Site
  • Changed the way files are stored on device.
  • Added a warning about low space

Bug Fixes

  • The shutdown dialog box now inverts color, when hovered over.
  • The button “Measure Target” now changes to “Re-Measure Target” after measuring the first time. Also double tapping does not cause problems
  • Removed unnecessary icons after quick C2C
  • Fixed not being able to create a new station in an imported project
  • Japanese release notes now exist in the local storage
  • When the GLS is aimed vertically more than 30 degrees in the target measurement process, an error message shows
  • Fixed GTL starting a scan, but returning to the scan setting screen
  • The Keep Button is now disabled if Collage Site is not connected to the scanner
  • Fixed an error when trying to install without sufficient space on the hard drive
  • Fixed a re-connection issue with the GTL, when too far away
  • Fixed a problem when navigating to Projects, while in the process of transferring a scan, by disabling “Project”, “Layer” and “Task” options of Home until after the transfer is complete
  • Fixed a connection problem, when the Wi-fi is renamed to something other than default name

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