Enhance your user experience with a more straightforward, intuitive registration workflow

With the New Collage Site 1.4

Perform your on-site registration processes more smoothly and efficiently with the latest updates to Collage Site, including new quality of life and workflow improvements.

Please see below to learn more! 

Here’s what’s new:

User Accounts Icon

A Better, More Secure Login Process

Collage Site now supports multiple user accounts on a single device, allowing your team members to use their personal credentials to access their projects – no more sharing passwords around the organization.

Data Management Icon

Less Steps to Manage Your Data

Remove the layers in a single project more efficiently simply by checking a box when attempting to delete that project—reduce the steps in your data management workflow and focus on the most critical parts of your job!

Full Release Notes:

New Features and Improvements

  • Once a tool is selected, Collage Site will automatically take you to the “Tool and Properties” tab so you can continue your workflow without extra steps

  • Let Collage Site automatically auto-populate the first option on the “Link Station” menu with a station you’re actively selecting—no need to manually enter that information again.

  • Have better control over how you manage and navigate your project using your mouse. Simply left-click your point cloud to activate the options that allow you to translate, move or rotate your data.

  • Easily create new stations on top of control points in your projects

Check out previous releases for Collage Site:

Collage Site 1.3

Faster Registration & More Productive Data Management

Enjoy increased storage capacity and blazing fast cloud-to-cloud registration. The optimized bundle adjust functionality greatly improves the quality of your data processing.

Collage Site 1.2

Improved Scanner Connectivity & Data Visualization

Enjoy a smoother field registration workflow with improved scanner connectivity. Easily customize your data view and scan colorization settings and more!