What is EdgeWise Plant™?

EdgeWise Plant is an as-built modeling platform that is fully integrated with AVEVA™ E3D Design™. The software uses advanced algorithms to automate tedious brownfield digital twin generation workflows. It models as-built piping and intelligent structure from mobile and terrestrial point clouds significantly faster than traditional manual modeling techniques—all while improving the accuracy of the model.

How EdgeWise Plant Can Help Your Project

Reduce Tedious Manual Modeling

The advanced computer vision algorithms and pattern matching technologies extract features automatically, eliminating the tedious parts of modeling and empowering you to focus on the critical project deliverables and high value analysis.

Deliver More Accurate As-Builts

EdgeWise Plant fits elements to the point cloud precisely and offers advanced QA tools for verifying the accuracy of the fit. Resize and adjust any poorly fitted objects to the points easily and take total control over the final accuracy of your model.

Export Intelligent Models into AVEVA™ E3D Design™

EdgeWise is fully integrated with AVEVA™ E3D Design™, allowing you to import a native PML script that automatically organizes elements based on your project hierarchy. Piping is imported as organized equipment and structure as a native GENSEC element created directly from E3D steel catalogues, preserving full intelligence between platforms.

How Does It Work?

Case Study

PrecisionPoint Reduces Modeling Time by 65% for Baggage System BIM.


“The modeling of MEP and structure in EdgeWise took 25 hours, which was a time savings of about 40 hours. It was really a success.”

Mark Hanna, President & CEO, PrecisionPoint, Inc
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