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Find Out How You Can Leverage Modeling Automation on Your Next Project!

How EdgeWise Empowered Nijhuis Saur to Save $20,000 on Their First Project!

Automated Feature Extraction

EdgeWise’s advanced computer vision algorithms automatically identified and extracted hundreds of pipes and structural elements in just hours instead of days, unlocking massive time savings on the project!

Semi-Automated Modeling Tools

EdgeWise’s semi-automated modeling toolkit allowed the team to breeze through the most tedious aspects of their workflow, including pipe elbows and connections.

Remainder Cloud Functionality

The Remainder Cloud functionality empowered the team to efficiently export points of unmodeled objects to accelerate their modeling in other applications, as well as increase the speed of their QA process.

Revit Integration

EdgeWise’s full integration with Revit facilitated the team to easily bring intelligent models and families into Revit.

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