Free On-Demand Webinar: The New EdgeWise 5.0: Four Major Technology Advancements for Faster Modeling

This webinar was be the first public demonstration and discussion of the new EdgeWise 5.0 functionality. It features case studies from two users who test-drove the EdgeWise 5.0 beta on recent projects with dramatic results. This webinar will show you:

  • New EdgeWise 5.0 pipe extraction algorithms that virtually eliminate false positives
  • New technology to automate the extraction of gridded steel and concrete structures—this will fundamentally change the way you model structure
  • New Plant 3D plug-in that brings EdgeWise intelligent models directly into Plant 3D
  • Improved Revit plugin that enables import of even out-of-tolerance as-built elbows
  • The time-savings Meridian 3D realized using the EdgeWise 5.0 beta on a recent project.
  • The new photo-realistic visualization engine called ClearView™
  • And much more!

Watch Kevin Williams, Chief Scientist at ClearEdge3D, Kris Nixon, Principle at Meridian 3D, and Lewis Boxer, Technical Director at Advanced 3D Laser Solutions on this first-ever look at EdgeWise 5.0.

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