Long Range, Highly Accurate Laser Scanning at an Affordable Price



What is GLS-2000?

The GLS-2000 is a rugged long-range laser scanner that offers 4X the range and 4X the resolution of competing solutions, and a variety of features optimized for transformative construction QA workflows at about half the cost of comparable scanners.

Workflow Benefits

Obtain High Quality Long-Range Data

The GLS-2000 is ideal for scanning horizontal surfaces like concrete slabs. Use the Floor Flatness mode to capture at 4X the range of other solutions, resulting in more complete coverage and faster scan times without compromising data quality.

Scan Easily in Challenging Construction Environments

A rugged design and automatic temperature adjustment add reliability in extreme outdoor environments. Use the Dual Laser mode to scan complex jobs like tunnels or beneath bridge spans. Use Class 3R or Class 1M laser mode to capture 360° scans in varying site conditions.

Optimized for Flat and Reflective Surfaces

The High Power scan mode is optimized for capturing reflective surfaces like wet concrete, producing much higher data quality than traditional scanners. The scanner's "road mode" collects flat surface data in a much more even, consistent grid.

Add Survey Control Automatically

GLS-2000 automatically adds survey control to your laser scan data, reducing time spent on tedious localization setups and increasing your workflow productivity significantly.

How Does It Work?
1. Scan Wet or Dry Concrete
2. Process Data
4. Generate FF/FL Report
Acquire Highly Accurate Scan Data with the GLS-2000