Deliver Quality Work Faster & Reduce Profit Erosion

Verifying installed work takes too long and too many instruments, so mistakes are found when it’s too late! Our mission is to help you streamline your as-built data capture and processing so you can QA your work faster, on-site with a more integrated, easy-to-use workflow. That means using one hybrid instrument, one software solution, one control device, and getting QA results in one hour or less— lower cost, less risk, more accurate installations.

One Hybrid Instrument

Localize, Lay Out and Scan with a Single Instrument

Using one instrument for layout and laser scanning helps you eliminate expenses associated with owning multiple instruments, transporting multiple instruments, and training on multiple instruments. Get the high-res 3D asbuilt data you need in minutes to verify work faster and correct errors before they become costly problems.

Get On-Control Without Target Restrictions

The GTL allows you to automatically get on-control using any project element that has a coordinate value on it, any kind of target, or a prism. Add flexibility to your field workflows and significantly reduce your time spent on tedious localization setups.

One Control Device

Fully Register in The Field in Real-Time— No Office Work Needed

Reduce your data processing time by 97% with real-time registration on-site. Ensure your point cloud data is fully registered and on-control in minutes before leaving the field. Easily visualize registration issues like poor links and fix them on-site right away. Eliminate the office work all together! Don’t waste time managing large data files, making multiple trips to the job site, and using complex and expensive registration software.

Visualize Processed Data in Real-Time

Ensure your scan data is 100% ready for downstream analysis in just a few steps. Generate detailed registration reports and 360 mixed reality views in Collage Site and easily identify problem areas in your point cloud. Take additional scans and adjust your data as needed—and get ready to breeze through your QA and modeling workflows.

One Connected Platform

Share Findings with Stakeholders Through the Cloud

Make your point clouds easily accessible to your client and team members by publishing them to the cloud using Collage Web—no specialized software or hardware needed! Ensure progress tracking and collaboration is smooth and make better informed decisions faster.

One Hour From Scanning to QA Results

Verify Recently Installed Work On-Site in Minutes

Seamlessly bring your fully processed data from Collage Site into Verity or Rithm software and find mistakes directly on the field tablet. Compare your point cloud against the coordination model using Verity and get actionable insights to fix errors faster. Share findings through web reports or create issues directly in Procore, Autodesk BIM 360™, and BIM Track™. Perform flooring analyzes in Rithm using heat and contour maps and generate ASTM E1155 reports in just a few minutes.

How Does It Work?
Advance Your QA Workflows With Better More Accurate Quality Assessments