Layout and Laser Scanning in a Single Instrument



What is GTL-1000?

The GTL-1000 combines the power of a robotic total station and a best-in-class laser scanner. It performs digital layout and captures high-res 3D scans in a single setup, giving you the accurate as-built data you need for advanced construction QA workflows.

Reduce On-Site & Redesign Costs

Using one instrument for layout and laser scanning eliminates expenses associated with training, equipment maintenance, and larger on-site crews. Getting the 3D as-built data you need to perform construction QA/QC means you can correct errors before they become costly problems.

Reduce Software Processing Time by 50%

GTL-1000 produces fully registered and on-control point clouds, eliminating tedious and complex registration workflows. Its user-adjustable scan density feature reduces processing time so you get a significant head start on your 3D workflows.

Streamline Digital Layout Workflows

Long-range reflectorless measurements and smooth prism-tracking technology enable you to work faster in challenging construction environments and deliver projects on time—without sacrificing quality.

How Does It Work?
Layout and QA/QC in a Single Instrument With the GTL-1000