Rapid Mobile Mapping with Best-in-Class Accuracy



What is HERON?

The HERON is a wearable mobile 3D mapping system that captures site conditions while you walk. It offers high field efficiency, real-time change detection, and best-inclass global accuracy so you can generate higher quality deliverables in less time.

How HERON Can Help Your Project

Scan More in Less Time

HERON eliminates the time-consuming setups required for terrestrial scanning and reduces data collection times from days to minutes. A lightweight, ergonomic backpack design offers easy maneuverability for superior coverage.

Visualize Changes in Real Time

Advanced processing algorithms compare live scan data against previously captured conditions to highlight site changes while you move. See variations displayed in red and use them to flag potential problem areas or clean noise caused by moving objects. Export the data in a variety of formats for use in EdgeWise or other applications.

Fast Registration for Anyone

HERON tracks its location as it moves to show a real-time preview of your scan trajectory—and offer a fast, intuitive registration workflow that makes accurate registration accessible to AEC professionals of all experience levels.

Improved Mobile Data Accuracy

The solution offers two methods for maximizing the global accuracy of your mobile captures. Simply upload geolocated terrestrial scans to the HERON desktop software or place the scanner in survey control points as you walk. Either step ties the scan to known locations, improves alignment, and ensures global accuracy you can rely on.

How Does It Work?

Case Study

Fast 3D Mapping And "As Built - As Designed" Analysis Of A Le Corbusier Style Building In Italy

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