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Six Steps to Plan & Implement a Winning Construction QA Strategy

In this webinar, the ClearEdge3D industry strategy team shares six steps to implement an effective construction QA workflow that will help you reduce the financial impact of errors, rework, and schedule delays. From optimizing data collection for verification to understanding how to best use the QA settings in Navisworks, you’ll learn practical tips that will help make your verification process easier, more efficient, and more accurate.


  • Intro 0:00
  • Step 1: Optimize Your Data Collection for Verification – 3:25
  • Step 2: Apply Hybrid Registration Techniques to Ensure Accuracy – 17:52
  • Step 3: Ensure Proper Alignment with Coordinate Systems – 22:20
  • Step 4: Understand and Strategically Apply the QA/QC Settings in Navisworks – 28:54
  • Step 5: Optimize Your Analyses Using Verity – 43:44
  • Step 6: Communicate Findings Efficiently with Stakeholders – 49:10
  • Q&A 57:46

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