FAQs on the Topcon Acquisition of ClearEdge3D

Why is Topcon buying ClearEdge3D? Topcon is a world leader in precision positioning products for the survey, construction, BIM, mapping and other markets. Their largest market share is in horizontal construction, but they see great growth potential in the vertical construction industry. ClearEdge3D’s software products are focused on vertical construction and are a perfect complement to Topcon’s laser scanning solutions and their commitment to expand their vertical construction footprint. Together, the two organizations will be able to enhance their current vertical construction portfolio and develop new products for the construction industry faster than before.

How will EdgeWise and Verity change? We are not anticipating any changes to Verity and EdgeWise as a result of this acquisition. The main change will be that ClearEdge will have greater access to development resources. This means faster development times, faster releases and an ability to respond faster to your feature requests.

How will EdgeWise and Verity be bundled with the Topcon software products? The plan is to bundle EdgeWise and Verity with a number of Topcon products while maintaining a hardware agnostic/vendor agnostic view of the market. We are friendly with all the scanner manufacturers and software providers in our industry and we don’t see that changing.

Will you keep the EdgeWise and Verity brands? Most definitely. EdgeWise and Verity are important and recognized brands in the market. The are no plans to rename or reposition the products.

What will happen to the ClearEdge name? The ClearEdge name will remain for the foreseeable future. Over time it may disappear but what won’t go away is our fierce commitment to our customers and the markets we serve.

Will the prices for Verity and EdgeWise change? There are no plans to change the EdgeWise and Verity prices other than in the normal course of business.

Will the licensing terms change? There are no plans to change the licensing terms because of the acquisition. Any changes to pricing or licensing will be done in the normal course of business.

Where will I get support for the EdgeWise and Verity? Nothing will change from a product support perspective for EdgeWise or Verity. Our team of applications engineers will all remain and will be there to support you as before.

Will my salesperson change? There will be no changes to our sales team as a result of this acquisition. Tim Lowery, Janice Starrs, Otto Weiberth, Adam Box and James Mosimann are all staying on to serve your needs.

What will happen to ClearEdge resellers? For our existing resellers and dealers, very little will change. We want to maintain and develop our reseller network throughout the world just as before. Your reseller agreement will remain in place and we are looking forward to helping you develop your business as before.

If I am a Topcon reseller, will I automatically be able to sell the ClearEdge software? We will be working directly with the executives at Topcon to train and equip Topcon resellers to market and sell the EdgeWise and Verity software. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to expand their product portfolios. If there is a channel conflict, we’ll address those on a case-by-case basis.

Will ClearEdge sell the Topcon products? We’re software experts so it’s unlikely that our direct sales team will sell the Topcon hardware products, but we hate to ever say never.

Will you be moving your offices? There are no plans to move the ClearEdge offices out of the Metro Washington D.C. area.

Will Trimble EdgeWise continue to be available? Yes. Trimble is an important ClearEdge3D partner and we anticipate that this relationship will continue to grow. Trimble will soon be releasing the Trimble Verity product to the marketplace.

As always, if you have any additional questions about Topcon’s acquisition of ClearEdge3D, don’t hesitate to contact our CEO, Chris Scotton at chris.scotton@clearedge3D.com

This is an incredibly exciting time for us and we look forward to meeting your software needs better than ever before. Thank you for your continued support!