EdgeWise 5.6 released with enhanced cable tray modeling, improved Revit export and more


The new EdgeWise 5.6 release features as-built cable tray modeling with full Revit integration and other extraction and productivity enhancements

ClearEdge3D today announced the release of a much-anticipated upgrade to their flagship EdgeWise 3D modeling software. EdgeWise 5.6 features the semi-automated extraction of cable trays from laser scan point cloud data and improved Revit export that brings those elements into Revit as proper families. For firms creating as-builts of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) conditions, cable trays have always proven to be a time consuming and complicated part of the workflow. The new EdgeWise release introduces a set of easy-to-use tools that extract cable tray elements from point cloud data and QA the results to ensure a precise model to scan fit.

“Cable tray modeling has long been one of the most difficult elements in a model to get right,” said Jason Moran, EdgeWise Product Manager. “This release gives our customers the tools they’ve been asking for to dramatically improve the MEP modeling workflow.”

Michael Burenkov, ClearEdge3D VP of Product added, “We listened to the needs of our MEP customers and designed this release to bring the intelligent cable tray models into Revit with ease, preserving model attributes like position, length, angle, and bend radius.” Export formats like STEP, COE, Smart Points, Remainder Cloud are also supported.

Other improvements in this release include more robust extraction algorithms for structure and ducting as well as greatly improved speed when processing Recap (.RCP) files.

Current license holders can download EdgeWise 5.6 here. To request a demonstration of EdgeWise 5.6, please contact sales@clearedge3d.com.

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ClearEdge3D, a Topcon company, is a global technology leader in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry, offering advanced software solutions that help firms model existing conditions and verify that recently completed work has been constructed correctly. The company’s EdgeWise software dramatically speeds labor-intensive 3D modeling workflows by utilizing advanced automated feature extraction and assistive modeling technology. Its Verity construction verification software compares point cloud data of recently completed work against a design or fabrication model, flagging any out-of-tolerance or poorly installed elements. For more information, please visit www.clearedge3d.com

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