ClearEdge3D Announces Partnership with Rithm to Deliver Real-Time Floor Flatness Analysis

Rithm for Autodesk Navisworks to be released in February delivering real-time floor flatness/levelness reporting from scan data loaded into Navisworks.

Las Vegas, NV — January 23rd, 2019 — Concrete contractors can now produce FFL reports in real time from scan data loaded into Autodesk® Navisworks® software as a result of a product development partnership between ClearEdge3D and Rithm, the companies announced today at World of Concrete.

This new version of Rithm reduces the time it takes to produce ASTM E1155 compliant FFL reports to less than 15 minutes after a pour. Users can find floor flatness and levelness mistakes in near real time from laser scan data and easily visualize high and low areas with elevation and deviation heatmaps, contours and grids.

Rithm for Navisworks using heatmaps and contour maps to detect flooring deviations

Rithm’s improved workflow also gives users the opportunity to perform FFL analysis in-house, which allows them to work with their own tools and team, therefore reducing their QA and reporting costs. Besides making dry concrete analysis faster and more insightful, contractors can also check wet concrete for deviations while it’s still workable. This new approach to FFL analysis allows them to reduce costly rework and identify mistakes faster.

“ClearEdge3D is thrilled to add Rithm to our lineup of solutions to help further the QA/QC process, focusing the benefits of Rithm’s FFL reporting and QA analyses directly in Navisworks,” said Kelly Cone, Vice President of Product Management for ClearEdge3D. “The workflow created by Rithm cuts down time on waiting for scanning analysis, increasing productivity.”

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