EdgeWise BIM Suite

Purchase EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure and EdgeWise Building and Save!

The EdgeWise BIM Suite™ combines EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure and EdgeWise Building for a powerful automated BIM solution, one that will take you from field-to-finished BIM faster than any other software.  Purchase the EdgeWise BIM Suite and receive the speed and accuracy of structure extraction, cylinder extraction and planar extraction on a single platform for one lower price.

EdgeWise BIM Suite

Purchase EdgeWise Building together with EdgeWise MEP for a substantial discount.


Cut Modeling Time by Up to 70%

The EdgeWise BIM Suite arms you with three powerful software tools to create the most efficient and fastest BIM workflow. Users report up to a 70% savings over traditional modeling workflows.

With the savings in labor time, it’s easy to justify the cost of the software. –C.J. Sondgerath, BIM Specialist, LP Ciminelli, Inc.

Full Revit Integration

The EdgeWise BIM Suite is fully integrated with Revit so structure, walls, windows, pipes, conduit, and round ducting automatically extracted in EdgeWise export to Revit as the proper Revit Family.


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