Real-Time Floor Flatness

and Levelness


What is Rithm for Autodesk® Navisworks®?

Rithm for Navisworks analyzes laser scan data of wet or dry concrete to perform automatic FF/FL analysis and generates industry-compliant reports in minutes. It offers near real-time insight on flooring, wall, and beam deviations so projects stay on schedule.

How Rithm Can Help Your Project

Perform FF/FL Analyses in Navisworks

Full integration with Navisworks means you can QA floors with scan data right in Navisworks—no need to spend time learning complex new software.

Analyze Wet and Dry Concrete

Rithm can analyze any concrete to identify flooring issues, even while it’s still fresh and workable. Correct errors early in the process and reduce overall project costs significantly with this new approach to FF/FL analysis on wet concrete.

Own Your QA Workflows

An intuitive workflow, Rithm empowers your team to perform FF/ FL analysis entirely in house without third-party contract work, so you can eliminate scheduling problems and deliver quality work on deadline.

Perform Actionable QA Analysis

Rithm offers a variety of visualizations for insight you can act on. Use heat maps to highlight flooring, wall, and beam deviations at a glance. Make cut and fill calculations to determine how much concrete needs to be added or removed. Export contour maps in CAD format for downstream design work and ground topology modeling.

Generate ASTM E1155 Compliant Reports

Manual floor-flatness analysis techniques like the Dipstick® require you to wait a day or more to obtain a single report, at a cost of thousands. Rithm for Navisworks delivers accurate, industry-compliant FF/FL reports within minutes for less cost.

How Does It Work?

Slide 1. Load point cloud data into Navisworks Slide 2. Section the point cloud data that doesn’t belong to the floor using the section box Slide 3. Analyze results Slide 4. Generate ASTM E1155 compliant reports
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Get Near Real-Time FF/FL Analyses and Other Critical Quality Assessments With Rithm for Navisworks