Software Engineer, 3D Geometrics

Perform software research and development functions on software applications to allow users to compare 3D laser scan data of construction sites to proposed 3D models for QA automation of the placement of components and to facilitate the creation of new 3D models of existing facilities from laser scans by using computer vision techniques. Perform research and development work on automated feature extraction and object recognition from point clouds. Diagnose, isolate, and fix bugs in complex legacy software involving geometric algorithms and utilize software development methodologies to evolve and speed up existing scientific computational code in a multi-level agile team environment. Propose and implement new algorithms to solve geometric and computer science problems and propose, understand, discuss, and communicate strategies and trade-offs for software changes, both in existing functionality and for new functionality. Efficiently design, code, and debug applications written in C++ and C# and other software languages. Write tests and testing infrastructure for new and existing functionality and understand and integrate external code into company’s software in efficient manner. Perform development and maintenance functions for infrastructure, such as source control, testing suites and build automation, to support research and development work.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, Physics, Bioanalytical/Physical Chemistry, or Mathematics and two (2) years of experience in job offered or two (2) years of research-related experience building C++ and/or C# code and scientific computations for large-scale 3D simulations, 3D geometry and/or mathematical modeling in professional or academic environment

Location: Superior, CO

Employer: ClearEdge3D, Inc.

Interested Parties should mail resumes only to Benjamin Culver, Corporate Controller at:

ClearEdge3D, Inc.
1000 S. McCaslin Blvd, Suite 303
Superior, CO 80027