Collage Site is a field software for 3D laser scanner that helps you streamline your as-built data capture and processing so you can QA your work faster, on-site with a more integrated, easy-to-use workflow.

Please find the following sections about how to use Collage Site.


This section has everything you need to know about general requirements for Collage Site as well as navigation within the application.


This page will cover the general set up that needs to be done before using Collage Site.

Capturing Data & Creating Stations

This article will cover how to create a station in Collage Site.


This article will cover some of the linking and C2C workflows/tools in Collage Site.


This article will cover the different options that are available for exporting and publishing Collage Site data.

Error Reporting

This article will cover how to create log files that can help with troubleshooting issues while using Collage Site.

Resource Control Tool

This article will cover how to use the Resource Control Tool in Collage Site.


This page will point you in the right direction to our Known Issues and FAQ pages.