Export to PDMS

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Getting Started This article will cover how to Export your EdgeWise pipes or structure to PDMS. There is a dedicated plugin that allows for a user to export from EdgeWise into PDMS. This article will cover both the installation of this plugin as well as how to actually utilize the… Read more »

Export to Plant3D

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Getting Started This article will cover how to export your piping model to Plant3D. Exporting from EdgeWise is only one step in this process. To complete the export, you will also need to set up your Plant3D plugin. Refer to this article for more information. How to Export to Plant3D… Read more »

How to Utilize Layers

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Getting Started This article will cover how to efficiently utilize layers in your piping projects. Layer information is helpful in assigning a variety of information to your pipes before export. While this information doesn’t carry with every export option (ie STEP, centerlines, etc.) It can be very helpful with export… Read more »

Layer Editor

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Getting Started This article covers how to create your own custom layer using the Layer Editor. This layer information is used in the chain info smartsheet within the piping module. To access the editor, go to the File tab and click on Pipe Layer Editor. What is a Custom Pipe… Read more »

Split Tool

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Getting Started This article will cover how to use the Split Tool within the piping module. There are multiple scenarios where the Split Tool may be used. Using this tool allows for a long list of advanced workflows, especially complex piping or when there is poor point cloud data. Using… Read more »

Append Mode

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Getting Started This article will cover how to use the Append Mode with EdgeWise piping. There are some circumstances where point cloud data may not be good enough for extraction. Or a complicated S-curve may exist in the project. In these scenarios a common workaround is to use the Append… Read more »

Rotate Tool

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Getting Started This article will cover the Rotate Tool. There are many use cases for rotating objects within EdgeWise. The following article will attempt to explain, in depth, different use cases for the Rotate Tool. Rotate The Rotate tool allows you to rotate a variety of pipe elements. Activate the… Read more »

Pipe Model Display

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Getting Started This article will cover the various Pipe Model Display settings. To access these options, right click on your pipe model in the Model Selection Pane and click Model Display. Alternatively, select your pipe model in the Model Selection Pane, click on the Piping tab in the ribbon, then… Read more »

Swapping Families in Revit

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Getting Started This article will cover swapping EdgeWise families within Revit. EdgeWise’s Revit export option preserves intelligence for different components. This will allow the swapping of the generic EdgeWise families with your own catalog items in Revit. EdgeWise Begin your workflow by exporting your EdgeWise model using the Export to… Read more »

Valves and Flanges

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Getting Started The piping module inside of EdgeWise offers a fully automated algorithm that performs automatic pipe extraction. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to insert Valves and Flanges into your project. Ensure you standardize your pipe chains before inserting Valves and Flanges. After exporting, swap your… Read more »