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Getting Started

The piping module inside of EdgeWise offers a fully automated algorithm that performs automatic pipe extraction. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to insert Valves and Flanges into your project. Ensure you standardize your pipe chains before inserting Valves and Flanges. After exporting, swap your Valves and Flanges to the proper catalog item in your deliverable. Custom Standards will not export over to certain deliverables. If you are exporting with the Plant3D, PCF, or PDMS formats, some of your custom items WILL NOT export to your deliverable. For these formats, you must use ASME or DIN default specs within EdgeWise. Additionally, we do not support custom valves or flanges for these export options.


To insert a Valve or Flange, use the drop down menus available in the Piping tab. Choose your preferred item type and place it anywhere on a pipe by left-clicking.

Valves and Flanges drop down
Fig 1: Flange and Valve Drop down Menu

Use the Slide (S) tool to dial in the final placement. Additionally, you can use the Rotate (W) tool to rotate the hand wheel on Valves to their proper position.

Valves and Flanges insert
Fig 2: Valve Placement

Finally, swap out your Valve or Flanges within your deliverable. Select all of an item in your deliverable and swap with the proper catalog item.

Refer to this article for information regarding custom standards.

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