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Getting Started

This article will cover the Verity supported geometry types and adding those elements to Verity. You must conduct this first step of adding elements to verity to continue your workflow.

Supported Geometry

Verity can analyze any geometry as long as that geometry is present in the Navisworks model. In addition, Navisworks can support a wide range of geometry files. Revit, IFC and DWG are a couple of the most common for use within Verity.

Use the Add to Verity (Search Tree) or Add to Verity (selected Node) button to import geometry into Verity.

Adding Elements to Verity
Fig 1: Add to Verity

Add to Verity (Search Tree)

This is the default method for adding elements from Navisworks into Verity. Verity will search, based on the user’s selection, and identify the first geometry node in that selection. Verity will then add that element. The intent is to allow the user to select within the selection tree at a higher node (an entire category or level) and to let Verity find the individual elements to import. In most cases, systems or groups do not contain any geometry and will be skipped until a geometry node is found.

Add to Verity (Selected Node)

This method explicitly trusts the user’s selection and does not search the tree for an individual element node. The intent is to allow the user to define a specific node in the selection tree and add that to Verity at that selected tree level as a single item in Verity. If you can select a sub-part of a piece of equipment in Autodesk Navisworks manually, you can add just that part to Verity.


The main difference between the two is when working with complex geometry, like equipment. This geometry is made up of nested sub pieces of geometry. The search tree option will bring in the whole piece, since that is how it is defined at the highest level. The Selected node option would only bring in the selected sub-geometry since that is what the user has explicitly selected.

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