Missing Verity Properties Tab

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Missing Verity Properties Tab

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Getting Started

This article will cover how to bring back the Verity tab within the Navisworks properties menu after properties have been pushed from Verity to Navisworks.

The Issue

The Verity Tab in the Navisworks properties menu is not showing or has disappeared.

The Solution

In Navisworks, open the file that is having issues with the Verity properties tab, then navigate to the Select & Search ribbon in the home tab of Navisworks.

Navisworks Select and Search for Verity properties tab
Fig 1: Navisworks Select and Search

Select the dropdown menu for Select & Search, then choose the dropdown menu for Selection Resolution. Next, select either first object, or last object. Now the Verity tab should appear for each selected object.

Verity Properties Tab Further Explained

Another solution would be (depending on how the geometry is defined by Navisworks) to open the Selection tree, selecting an element that the Verity Tab is not visible for, and expanding the node of the element in the selection tree. Select the next object down the list of the selection tree and the Verity tab should be visible.

Navisworks Selection Tree for Verity Properties Tab
Fig 2: Navisworks Selection Tree

This is due to how Navisworks defines what level the geometry is within each geometry file. Sometimes, depending on the workflow, the geometry can be defined further away from first object selection or last object selection.

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