Perform a Verity Analysis

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Getting Started

This article will cover how to perform a Verity analysis. During an analysis Verity will try to find each item in the point cloud. If the item is found, it will check the tolerance of the item and show the results.


Click the Analyze button to open the analysis dialogue menu and perform a Verity Analysis. The Analyze button is located on the left hand side of the screen in the Verity menu.

Perform a Verity Analysis - Analyze button

Fig 1: Analyze Button

Analysis Options

Clicking the Analyze button will make the following dialogue appear.

Perform a Verity Analysis - Analyze Settings
Fig 2: Analyze Options

This Analysis Parameters dialogue box will allow you to adjust your tolerance value as well as other settings. The purpose of this dialogue box is to prepare Verity for your specific project. Refer to the list of settings below for more information on each parameter.

Tolerance – This distance determines how far an element can be from the original position before being out of tolerance.

Mobile Data – Currently in Beta. Select this box if the scans are from a handheld or mobile Li-DAR device.

Indoor Project – Select this box if a majority of the Verity analysis takes places indoors or in an enclosed space. This will affect how verity handles “holes” in the point cloud data. Keep this box unchecked if the majority of the project is outdoors.

Find Installation Status and Conformance to Tolerance – Verity will try and identify the element in the point cloud. Verity will then check if the element is within tolerance. From here, Verity will classify the element depending on it conformance to the tolerance.

Check and Repair damaged Geometry. – All geometry is a collection of triangles. Verity does a check to make sure all triangles are imported correctly. If not imported correctly, Verity will attempt to repair the item.

Click OK to begin the analysis.

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