Preparing Project for Verity

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Getting Started

This article will cover steps for Preparing your Navisworks Project for Verity. There are a few pre-requisites before you can begin using Verity for analysis. Preparing your Project for Verity will mean setting up your Geometry, Point Cloud, and coordinate system.


Verity can work with any item geometry so long as it is present inside in Navisworks. The important thing to check is the organization of the selection tree. The items should be in a clean, nested hierarchy.

Preparing Project for Verity - RVT file in NavisWorks
Fig 1: Example of an RVT file appended to Navisworks

The hierarchy defines how the geometry is imported into Verity.

Point Cloud

Verity uses the point cloud data imported into NavisWorks. This point cloud data should either be a non-unified/structured Recap Project (scanner orbs present in recap), or as individual RCS files (one per scan location). Additionaly, set the file reader in NavisWorks to read the RCP / RCS files inside of Navisworks as voxels (see screenshot below):

Preparing Project for Verity - pointcloud settings
Fig 2: Options Editor

Lastly, a pre-defined coordinate system should be in place. This is to ensure an accurate alignment between the point cloud and model geometry. The more accurate the alignment between the two, the more accurate the Verity result will be.

After you have completed proper preparation of your Navisworks project, you can move on to Importing your Data into Verity. Refer to this article for more information.

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