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Getting Started

This article will cover the Reset and Refit buttons located in the bottom left hand section of the Verity menu. This article will also provide an example of how these tools can be used in your project.

Reset and Refit buttons
Fig 1: Reset and Refit Buttons


Reset is located in the blue box in the picture above. Use this button in cases where our algorithm, or your manual moves, have resulted in an As-Built position that is hard to manually adjust into place against the points. The Reset button will move the As-Built geometry back into alignment with the As-Designed geometry. Now you can have a fresh pass at manually moving it into place.


Refit is located in the red box, in the picture. If the points and geometry are similar in shape/size, you can use the Refit button to have the algorithm optimize the fit to the points you’ve moved the geometry close to. This is most often used in the case where several similar elements are installed side-by-side and Verity fit the geometry to the wrong instance. It is also useful if you accidentally dragged the geometry off of a good fit because you got your mouse buttons mixed up.

Real World Example

A pipe rack has 3 parallel pipes but only 2 of them have sufficient scan data. In this case, Verity will most likely shift the third pipe to the strongest point cloud data. To correct this, a user can use the split view to move the element to the correct spot. Then use the refit tool to fit the element to the correct point cloud data.

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