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Getting Started

This section will go over the split view functionality in Verity and how to manipulate the as-built geometry.

Split View

The split view button is located on the left hand side of the Verity window and looks like a small square located in the camera section.

Split view Button
Fig 1: Camera Split View Button

This button will adjust the camera into four summary views.

split view pane
Fig 2: Split View

The top left view is the standard view. This view allows you to orbit the element freely.

The upper right view is the projected plan view. The two lower panes represent two corresponding projected elevation views. The lower right panel is the front view. The lower left panel is the side view. The projected views provide access to additional functionality such as manually moving the as-built geometry. You can pan the projected views just like the isometric view, but cannot orbit them.

Item Manipulation

Left click and drag on the as-built or teal geometry to freely move it.

Shift + Left click and drag to pin on side of the element to rotate it.

Ctrl + Left click and drag to only move the item perfectly up / down or side to side.

For more information regarding view settings refer to this article.

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