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Getting Started

This article will cover the various view settings inside of Verity. There are two main sections of view settings: Item Visibility and Opacity. This section of the Verity menu is located on the left hand side of the screen.

Visibility settings
Fig 1: View Settings Menus


The visibility check boxes control what elements are shown in the 3D View. Checking these boxes will make the element visible while un-checking these boxes will hide the element from view.

As-Designed Model: The magenta element is the design element as imported by you, the user.

AD Neighbor: The design elements directly near the selected element.

As-Built Model: The cyan element is a copy of the design element, except, best-fit to the point cloud.

AB Neighbors: As-built elements directly near the selected element.

Points: The point cloud data surrounding the selected element.


The opacity controls the transparency of the items in the 3D View. The values are between 0 (completely see through) and 100 (completely solid) in increments of 10.

Designed: Controls the transparency of the As-Designed element.

As-Built: Controls the transparency of the As-Built element.

Points: Controls the transparency of the points surrounding the element.

Neighbors: Controls the transparency of the neighboring elements in the item view.

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