Revit Integration Beta

Welcome to Verity's Revit Integration Beta! We are extremely excited about the new reporting and coordination capabilities that this integration provides and are eagerly awaiting your feedback! Please note that the beta requires an active Verity license for installation.

Welcome to Verity's Revit Integration Beta! We're thrilled to introduce you to a host of new reporting and coordination capabilities that this integration brings, and we're eagerly anticipating your feedback.


This installer requires administrator access to run and will replace your current Verity installation. It supports both Navisworks and Revit 2020 - 2024.

Included in this installer is ClearEdge3D Tools for Revit, a plug-in that equips you with purpose-built, user-friendly tools to easily manage point cloud data in Autodesk Revit.

For existing Verity users, using the integration should feel quite familiar. This integration utilizes the same QA/QC workflow directly to your authoring software, allowing you to leverage Revit's reporting power as well as update analyzed items to their true as-built position.


Getting Started:


  • Install Verity 1.9.9 Beta 4:
      • Unzip the download file.
      • Close all instances of Navisworks and Revit.
      • Run the VerityInstaller-1.9.9.XBeta4_ClearEdge3D.exe installer with administrator privileges on a computer with an active Verity license.


  • Verity Beta 4 should not be used in production. Projects created in Verity are not guaranteed to work in the final release of Verity 2.0.


Contact the support team at if you have any issues. For feedback, please schedule a call with Justin Dommer or email him directly at


Submit suggestions here: Suggest a Feature - ClearEdge3D



  • Created a unified installer for both Verity in Revit® and Navisworks®.
  • Properties can be pushed direclty to analyzed families in Revit
  • A direct shape element can be placed in Revit representing the as-built position. 
  • Updated to ClearEdge3D Tools For Revit® 0.4.0
  • Added basic Revit® navigation management similar to Navisworks®.
  • Removed Desktop Icons for opening Verity for Navisworks® now that there are two hosts.
  • Temporarily disabled the Push properties lock button in Revit®.
    Removed Rithm from the Verity installer.
  • Improved scaling for PDF reports.
    Added a warning when trying to add elements from a linked model in Revit®.


Bug Fixes:

  • Revit: Fixed a bug with accessing transforms when the point cloud’s origin is very far away from the base point.
  • Fixed bugs for Copying Items to New Analysis in a Revit® project.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting an item in Verity would change the focus to Revit®
  • Fixed a bug that blocked Verity from opening on a restricted network.
  • Fixed a crash that happens when adding a Revit shape-edited family.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from changing the file name when generating reports.


Known Issues:

  • Verity projects are not host-specific yet. This will be included in the final release.
  • Linked models are not currently supported.
  • Load bars are not accurate in Revit.
  • All scans must be analyzed for each analysis.
  • The Import Selection button is currently broken.
  • The Push Properties Lock is currently disabled.
  • Links are broken in the PDF table and Item report.