July 7, 2022

Find Mistakes Before They Become Problems

Learn to reduce ASTM E1155 reporting from days to minutes, performing  streamlined FF/FL analysis with scan data loaded into Autodesk® Navisworks®
December 30, 2020

Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Problems with Verity & Verity Photo

Find out how to verify 100% of installed work against any 3D Navisworks model in the time it currently takes to spot-check 5%
December 30, 2020

FUBAR: How Scanning and QA/QC Saved This Mixed-Use Project from Certain Doom

Find out how Brent Godfrey of Cape Survey rescued this mixed-use project gone awry, improving the tolerance to design by 400%.
December 30, 2020

Converting Old Retail into New Medical: A Case Study in Implementing New Technology on Complex Renovations

Learn how McVeigh & Mangum used the latest tools & workflows to drive better communication, QA/QC & issue tracking during this uniquely challenging renovation project.
December 30, 2020

Construction QA/QC Workflows – Best Practices & New Technologies to Minimize Project Risk

Learn to integrate construction verification into your project workflows utilizing automation & cost-effective QA/QC tools to find mistakes before they become problems!
December 30, 2020

“Oh Crap” 10 of the Worst Construction Blunders—and How You Can Avoid Them

Listen in as industry experts from Balfour Beatty, IKERD, Baker Construction & VIATechnik share 10 of their worst construction blunders & what they did to resolve […]
December 30, 2020

Verity 1.0 –New Construction Verification Software from ClearEdge3D

Watch the first ever demo of our Verity software & discover how DPR and Beck were able to resolve key challenges in 2 projects leveraging Verity […]