What is Collage Site?

Collage Site is a tablet-based software solution designed to make data collection and processing faster and easier than ever before. Paired with Topcon’s GTL-1200 and GLS-2200 series scanners, a single person can create survey points, scan, fully process, and visualize scan data in real time, directly in the field.

What's New in Version 1.4.5?

New Flooring Elevation Heatmaps

Perform flooring elevation analyses with a more integrated and streamlined workflow. Simply select your area of interest, set your target elevations, and instantly visualize the high and low spots in your flooring with a customizable gradient overlay. Zero data exports are needed, meaning higher field productivity and faster access to insights. Click the play button below to see the workflow in action!

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Capture More Targeted Scan Data

Eliminate point cloud noise and collect more targeted data sets with Collage Site’s new Window Scanning tool. Easily pre-select the dimensions of any area you want to capture, hit scan, and obtain the point cloud data you need in less time! Reduce post-processing time and complete your downstream workflows faster.   

Streamline Your Data Capture, Processing & Verification

With the GTL-1200 + Collage Site Workflow Solution:

1. Layout / Scan

GTL-1200 Scanning Robotic Total Station

2. Process

Collage Site Software

3. As-Built & Verify

Verity for Autodesk® Navisworks®

Do More with Less Hardware

Topcon GTL-1200

Localize, layout, and scan with one instrument. Eliminate expenses associated with owning, transporting, and training on multiple instruments. Capture and visualize the as-built data you need to make informed decisions in the field.

Easily Get On-Control

Topcon GTL-1200

It’s not as-built unless it’s on control. The GTL allows you to automatically get on control using any project element that has a coordinate value on it using any type of target or a prism. Add flexibility to your field workflows and significantly reduce your time spent on tedious localization setups.

Fully Register in The Field–No Office Work Needed

Collage Site

Ensure your point cloud data is fully registered and on-control in minutes before leaving the field. Easily visualize registration issues like poor links and fix them on-site right away. Eliminate the office work all together! Don’t waste time managing large data files, making multiple trips to the job site, and using complex and expensive registration software.

Obtain More Accurate Quality Assessments

Verity for Autodesk® Navisworks®

Compare your point cloud against the coordination model using Verity and get actionable insights to fix errors faster. Share findings through web reports or create issues directly in Procore®, Autodesk BIM 360™, and BIM Track™.

Boost Your Productivity in the Field