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Getting Started

This article will cover different steps to perform Verity (or Rithm) License Troubleshooting. These errors are separate from those that may be caused by bugs in software or an error in workflow. License Troubleshooting for Verity (or Rithm) will be the same since they are both installed in the same software package.

Restart Sentinel Services

The first troubleshooting step for any license issue is to always restart the sentinel services. First, in your Windows search bar, type in Services and hit Enter. Scroll down until you see the service Sentinel LDK License Manager. Right-click and Restart this service. Occasionally, Windows updates will stop these services so it is important to try this troubleshooting step first as it is the quickest to perform.

License Expired

Most of the time, if your license is expired, you will get a specific error dialog that tells you so. If this is the case, you will want to contact your Sales Representative if you still require an active license. If you believe that your license should not be expired, then contact and our support team can investigate the issue further.

Unable to open Verity

Currently, the Verity installer installs both software packages Verity and Rithm. If you have a Rithm-Only license, then you will be unable to open Verity as you do not have an active license. Instead, Open Navisworks and then proceed to the Verity (+Rithm) tab to continue with the Rithm tools and workflow.

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