ClearEdge3D releases Rithm 1.9 with 4X faster performance and improved workflow for near real-time floor flatness analysis

Rithm 1.9 improvements include a guided ASTM E1155 workflow to greatly improve the accuracy and speed of floor flatness/levelness analysis.

Denver, CO — November 23rd, 2020 — Creating concrete floor flatness/floor levelness (FF/FL) analyses and reports just got faster and easier with the release of Rithm 1.9 from ClearEdge3D. The software, which analyses the flatness and levelness of recently poured concrete slabs, boasts a 4X improvement in processing time and a substantially improved ASTM workflow that guides users through the complex E1155 reporting process.

“This new version of Rithm is a huge improvement in usability and speed,” said Michael Burenkov, Vice President of Product Management for ClearEdge3D. “We spent many hours speaking with users in the concrete construction industry to understand precisely what they need in a QA/QC tool. Rithm 1.9 is a reflection of those user discussions with software that dramatically improves their workflow for slab FF/FL analyses.” Click here to learn more.

ClearEdge3D Launches Verity Photo, Fulfilling 2017 BIMtrace Acquisition Promise

Verity Photo is a New Field-Focused Construction Verification Tool that Aligns Digital Photos of an Active Construction Site with 3D Coordinated Models in Autodesk® Navisworks®

Verity Photo LogoManassas, VA — June 12th, 2019 — ClearEdge3D, the creators of Verity construction verification software, are pleased to announce Verity Photo, the much-awaited result of the company’s July 2017 BIMtrace acquisition. The new software is an affordable and easy to use QA/QC tool for the construction industry.

“Laser Scanning isn’t always the right tool for QA/QC. Sometimes you just need to know what’s been installed and if it is in roughly the right place…” said Kelly Cone, VP of Industry Strategy of ClearEdge3D. “That’s where Verity Photo is a perfect fit.” Click here to learn more.

Verity-HERON® Integration Introduces Real-Time 3D Mobile Mapping and Construction Verification

The collaboration between Verity construction verification software from ClearEdge3D and HERON, the latest wearable mobile scanners from Gexcel, significantly advances scan-to-BIM workflows with streamlined data collection and construction QA/QC 

Manassas, VA — May 31st, 2019— ClearEdge3D, makers of EdgeWise, Verity, and Rithm for Navisworks software, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Gexcel, makers of HERON® wearable scanners, that was unveiled at the SPAR 3D & AEC NEXT conferences last week in Anaheim, CA. The two companies have joined forces to make it even quicker and easier for AEC professionals to conveniently gather as-built data with Gexcel’s HERON wearable laser scanners—and to compare that data against design/fabrication models using ClearEdge3D’s Verity software, allowing 100% verification of installed work in real-time. Click here to learn more.

ClearEdge3D Announces Partnership with Rithm to Deliver Real-Time Floor Flatness Analysis

Rithm for Autodesk® Navisworks® to be released in February delivering real-time floor flatness/levelness reporting from scan data loaded into Navisworks.

Las Vegas, NV — January 23rd, 2019— Concrete contractors can now produce FFL reports in real time from scan data loaded into Autodesk® Navisworks® software as a result of a product development partnership between ClearEdge3D and Rithm, the companies announced today at World of Concrete. Rithm Logo

This new version of Rithm reduces the time it takes to produce ASTM E1155 compliant FFL reports to less than 15 minutes after a pour. Users can find floor flatness and levelness mistakes in near real time from laser scan data and easily visualize high and low areas with elevation and deviation heatmaps, contours and grids. Click here to learn more.

ClearEdge3D Acquired by Topcon

Great news! ClearEdge3D has been acquired by Topcon Corporation, the laser scanning and positioning hardware manufacturer based in Japan.

We’re really excited about this development and we hope you will be too. But if you’re like most folks, your first reaction might be: “what does this mean for my Verity or EdgeWise software license.” Rest assured, very little will change with ClearEdge going forward. The products, the team and our focus on developing the world’s best engineering and construction software will remain as before.What will change is that we’ll have greater access to resources—development, financial, sales and marketing. Our new parent company, Topcon, is a billion dollar organization with vast resources to help us develop faster, serve your needs better and expand our products like never before.

Click here to read the FAQs on the deal. Click here to read the official press release. We would like to thank you for all of your support over the years and hope you join us in celebrating this new chapter in the ClearEdge story.

Verity-GeoSLAM Collaboration Advances Real-Time Construction Quality Management

Geo SLAM and VerityThe partnership between Verity construction verification software from ClearEdge3D and GeoSLAM’s “go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology promises to help AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) professionals significantly advance their ability to verify as-built field data with design models.

INTERGEO, BERLIN, GERMANY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017¾The next generation of construction quality assurance/control methodology and technology is integrating simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with building information modeling. GeoSLAM and ClearEdge3D are pleased to announce an upcoming beta program that allows as-built construction data¾measured using GeoSLAM’s hand-held, lightweight mobile laser scanners¾to be compared against design/fabrication models using ClearEdge3D’s Verity software to quickly and easily identify installation status and out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work. Learn more…

ClearEdge3D Acquires Construction Verification Software Firm Pericept

The acquisition joins two strong construction QA/QC technologies, Verity and BIMtrace, into a single market-leading company.

ClearEdge3D, the developers of the Verity construction pericept logoverification software and the EdgeWise automated modeling software, today announced the acquisition of Pericept, a construction verification software firm based in Texas. Pericept’s BIMtraceTM software captures recently installed scopes-of-work (SOW) on a construction site and compares the as-built work to the design model to verify that the elements have been properly installed. A unique feature of the BIMtrace system is its ability to utilize iPhone or iPad images instead of laser scan data to give users a comparison of the as-built conditions to the design or fabrication models in a matter of minutes Learn More.

 Announcing Verity 1.0!

Verity LogoConstruction verification software that analyzes point clouds of as-built construction against the design/fabrication model and flags any out-of-tolerance work

Verity Dual View with CaptionIt’s estimated that 5% to 12% of a construction project budget is consumed by mistakes and rework. New software called Verity™ (from the makers of EdgeWise™) dramatically reduces this financial impact, resulting in reduced risk, more profitable construction projects, more accurate as-builts and  fewer schedule delays.

Verity compares point clouds against design & fabrication models, allowing you to verify 100% of your work in the time it currently takes you to spot check 5%. The software helps you find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Verify 100% of your work in the time it takes to spot-check 5%

If you’re like most GCs, your field engineers, armed with a total station or a tape measure, spot check anywhere from 5% to 10% of your subcontractor’s work. This is a wholly inadequate workflow for today’s complex projects and invariably leads to downstream clashes, schedule delays and cost overruns. With Verity and a laser scanner, you can check 100% of your work in the time it takes to spot check. Verity gives you a complete record of a sub’s work—when it was installed and if it was installed to spec.

Click here to learn more

Announcing EdgeWise 5.1!

With automated extraction of gridded steel, enhanced automated pipe extraction, deeper Revit integration and a Plant 3D plug-in

The research lab at ClearEdge has done it again! EdgeWise 5.1 is our biggest software update ever. Kevin Williams, Chief Scientist, and his team have completely updated the core automated feature extraction algorithms and the results are amazing. Not only is the pipe extraction SUBSTANTIALLY better, they’ve also designed new algorithms to automate the extraction of gridded structural steel and concrete. Pretty groundbreaking stuff! Here’s what’s in the 5.1 release:

  • New  pipe extraction algorithms that virtually eliminate false positives
  • New technology to automate the extraction of gridded steel and concrete structures—this will fundamentally change the way you model structure
  • New Plant 3D plug-in that brings EdgeWise intelligent models directly into Plant 3D
  • Improved Revit plugin that enables import of even out-of-tolerance as-built elbows
  • The new photo-realistic visualization engine called ClearView™
  • And much more!

Click here to watch a video of the new features.

Check out the features in EdgeWise

Structure Modeling Tools

Deeper Revit integration, automated steel extraction

Pipe Modeling Tools

Now with full Plant 3D integration, enhanced pipe extraction

EdgeWise Plant Suite

Duct Modeling Tools

Model MEP Systems Faster than Ever Before

duct shot395x120

Building Modeling Tools

Extract As-Built Wall and Windows then Export to Revit

EdgeWise BIM Suite