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Getting Started

This article will cover the hotkeys of the major functions in the interface of Verity. Be aware that hotkeys will not activate if you have switched context to Navisworks, to moving geometry in an orthographic projection view, or are editing a cell in the table because you might otherwise want to type one of these keys for a non-hotkey related reason.

CTRL / SHIFT: In-table Multi-Select

Delete: Remove from Verity

E: Explode

S: Import Selection from Host

N: Export Selection to Host

M: Measure

H: Recalculate Heatmap

R: Reset Fit

F: Refit

A: Accept Current Status

P: Export Verity Properties to Host

B: Move Host Item to As-Built

View hotkeys (used in the Verity Split View mode):

SHIFT (before clicking to edit): rotate an item

CTRL (any time during a move): move an item orthogonally

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