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Getting Started

The Verity Web Reports Viewer allows you to view and send your Verity reports over the internet. Verity Web Reports interactive 3D viewer can operate in one of two modes:

  • Embedded in an HTML report
  • Standalone in a separate browser tab

While the two modes operate similarly to each other, the embedded viewer is locked to a single element of interest while the standalone viewer presents additional controls for navigating between all elements in a report.

Basic Navigation

You can interact with the 3D viewer with the mouse or with touch gestures on mobile devices. To navigate with the mouse:

  • Orbit with the left mouse button. Rotation will center on the initial point that you click.
  • Pan with middle or right mouse buttons.
  • Zoom with the mouse wheel.

To navigate with touch gestures:

  • Orbit with one finger.
  • Pan by dragging two fingers in parallel.
  • Zoom by pinching with two fingers.

Predefined Views

You can instantly jump to one of several preset views for the selected element by expanding the Predefined Views drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the viewer and selecting one of the menu items.

Verity Web Reports: Viewer - Predefined Views
Fig 1: Predefined Views drop-down menu
  • Isometric view. Perspective projection. Default.
  • Front view. Orthographic projection.
  • Side view. Orthographic projection.
  • Top view. Orthographic projection.
  • Scanner view. Perspective projection.

Previous & Next Elements

You can instantly jump to the next or the previous elements in a web report by clicking on the arrow buttons in the upper-right corner of the standalone viewer.

Verity Web Reports Previous and Next Elements
Fig 2: Next and previous arrows

Table View

You can open a table of report elements by expanding the Change View Type drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the viewer and selecting the Object Table option.

Verity Web Reports Table View
Fig 3: Object table button location

This will open a full-screen table that reports Verity analysis results for each element in the report.

Verity Web Reports: Viewer - Table view
Fig 4: List of elements

You can filter the table to find elements of interest by defining a query expression. For example, you can identify all elements that are installed out of tolerance.

Verity Web Reports Filters
Fig 5: Defining a query expression

To exit table view and return to 3D view, expand the Change View Type drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the table and select the 3D option.

Fig 6: Selecting the 3D view

Split View

You can look at 3D and table views of the report side-by-side by splitting the viewer window in half. Click on the Split View button in the upper-right corner of the standalone viewer to do this.

Verity Web Reports: Viewer - Split View
Fig 7: Split view button

To return from the split view to a single view, click on the Maximize View button in the upper-right corner of either the 3D or the Table halves of the split. The selected half of the split will be maximized to take the full screen again.

Verity Web Reports Full Screen
Fig 8: Maximize view button

Jump To Element

You can quickly jump the 3D view to any element by double-clicking its entry in the table or by selecting it and clicking the Show Element in 3D button.

Jump to Element
Fig 9: Show Element in 3D button

Show All Elements

In most situations, the viewer focuses on a single element at a time – all other elements are hidden. To view all elements in the report at once, disable the Isolate Selection in 3D toggle at the top of the table view. All report elements will be shown with the selected element highlighted in a different color. You can select a different element by clicking on it in 3D or table views. Enable the Isolate Selection in 3D toggle to, once again, focus on the selected element.

Show All Elements
Fig 10: Isolate Selection in 3D toggle


You can open the standard, non-interactive Verity HTML item report for the selected element by clicking on the HTML button in the upper-left corner of the 3D view or the Show HTML Description button at the top of the Table view.

HTML View Button
Fig 11: HTML buttons

You can interact with the HTML report using the controls in the upper-right corner of the page.

  • Zoom the HTML report using the slider.
  • Step to the next and the previous elements using the arrow buttons.
  • Close the report using the ‘X’ button.
Fig 12: HTML zoom slider
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