Software Updates

Need to download the latest version of EdgeWise?

The latest version is EdgeWise 5.0.2  SP3.

If you do not have this yet, email us to get up to date!

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Changes In v5.0.2 From Previous Version

  • Added maintenance expiration date to the About window.
  • Process Scans now reads Dot Product files directly with the Batch Extract dialog launching immediately after files have been selected.
  • Edgewise product version now written to log file.
  • Fixed a threading issue which would occasionally skip output of .c3planes files.
  • Fixed a problem with cleaning a standardized pipe chain that has an unstandardized segment attached where the chain diameter was being incorrectly set.
  • Fixed the length column in structure spreadsheet to change its values according to the current display units. Modified the length column caption to display the current display units.
  • Modified functionality for resizing elbows in piping so that it doesn’t make the neighboring pipes too small
  • Fixed a problem with export to COE format where centerlines for elbows were not always aligned with those of the neighboring pipes.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred while cleaning a .c3m model with flanges.
  • Added export of project standardized to DIN standard from edgewise to Plant3d (including new specs and updated import tool for the same).
  • Process Scans now reads E57 files directly without the need for E57toPTX.
  • Added support for Gexcel 3D Reconstructor (RGP) files.
  • Added support for Revit 2017

Changes In v5.0.2 SP1 From Previous Version

  • Fixed hang when processing large numbers of FLS files.
  • Fixed performance regression when processing PTX and PTS files.

Changes In v5.0.2 SP2 From Previous Version

  • Fixed issue with direct-read of E57 files where EdgeWise would mistakenly require splitting to PTX
  • Fixed memory leak in direct-read of E57 files.
  • Enhanced E57 reader to handle format changes in E57 files written by ReCap 2017 (changes occurred in version

Changes In v5.0.2 SP3 From Previous Version

  • Added support for six-column PTS files without intensity field.
  • Added support XYZ files.
  • Added support for cleaning multiple pipe chains selected in the chain spreadsheet.
  • Fixed rare crash in process scans (point database creation).