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Our Vision

We are passionate about technology and using it to help the engineering and construction industry build better buildings. We envision a world where design and construction workflows are simplified and enhanced greatly through the use of reality capture.

Our Mission

At ClearEdge3D, we create innovative software that improves engineering and construction workflows. We seek to be an integral partner with our customers by leveraging our technology and working with them to make their projects more efficient.

Our Culture

We build products that we believe in and that help our customers do their jobs more efficiently. We think there is honor in that and we seek to consistently astound and delight our stakeholders with software that saves them time, money and hassle, all the while giving them outstanding service. Those are the outcomes for which we strive.

Here are some of the principles that drive our unique culture:


Focus on the customer

Customer service isn’t just a department at ClearEdge, it’s a critical ethos that informs everything we do. We encourage our customers take an active role in feature development and we’ll often partner with them on some of their most challenging projects. This symbiotic relationship has become one of our greatest competitive advantages


Focus on the team

Life’s just too short to work with jerks. Our culture tends to reject complainers, lone wolfs and the chronically unhappy. For those who thrive at ClearEdge, teamwork is a natural state of being. They love the energy of a group and the shared passion of like-minded individuals. Teamwork and affability aren’t just encouraged at ClearEdge, they are required.


Focus on the self

Life is best lived in a balanced way. We are bikers, climbers (rock not social), skiers, runners, dads, moms, partners, writers, painters, musicians, and so much more. We believe self-improvement begins with selfawareness so we’re never afraid to confront unpleasant truths or reflect on how we can get better. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and to each other, but we all feel a collective ownership for finding solutions to our client’s problems. This dichotomy of individual responsibility and shared ownership pervades the organization and helps drive our culture.


Seek unconventional paths

We are an endlessly inquisitive bunch, but we’re not much for conventional wisdom or group think. Actively questioning “the way it has always been done” is what drives our novel, highly inventive solutions. We are not afraid to take risks, nor do we fear failure. We often take unconventional paths to solve conventional problems. This keeps us innovating… and interesting.

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