What is EdgeWise Building™?

EdgeWise Building automates floor plan modeling from terrestrial and indoor mobile point clouds. It automatically finds and models most of the walls and levels in your scan data and helps generate documentation ready models in Revit®. With powerful editing tools, you have total control over model rationalization to easily create as-built floor plans per project specification.

How EdgeWise Building Can Help Your Project

Model Walls and Levels Automatically

EdgeWise Building eliminates the tedious parts of modeling with advanced computer vision algorithms. After a few manual editing and processing steps, the software automatically finds walls and levels in terrestrial or indoor mobile point clouds while it runs in the background.

Complete Downstream Design Work Faster

EdgeWise’s unique point cloud export options enable you to accelerate your downstream design work. Using “Remainder Cloud,” you can export points of objects not modeled in EdgeWise, like machinery. With “Smart Points,” you can easily isolate points belonging to modeled objects you want to modify downstream.

Translate an As-Built Model to a Revit Model

The EdgeWise Building Revit plug-in offers powerful features for generating documentation-ready models. Redraw the geometry natively in Revit with total control over rationalization. Configure options for wall thickness or increments for aligning angled walls. Lock in accuracy by specifying maximum displacement for all rotations, and more.

How Does It Work?

Case Study

How PrecisionPoint Shaved Weeks from Their Asset Modeling Workflow with Automated Modeling and Indoor Mapping Tech.


“Many of our project walls were automatically extracted in EdgeWise Building in under 30 mins for each pts file with just the push of a button.”

James Wott, Project Manager, Precision Point
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