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Getting Started

This article will cover the Verity Publish options and the third party integrations. Publish allows the user to integrate with third party software in Verity. For creating reports without these integrations, refer to this article.

Supported Third Party Integrations

  • BIM 360 Field
  • BIM Track
  • Procore


Fig 1: Publish

For each third party integration, Verity allows users to log in and link to a specific project. Once logged in, Verity will query the names of the projects you have access to upload issues to in your workflow management system (WMS). Select the Projects fly out menu and select the project you wish to upload issues to.

Create Issues/ Observations

This will create issues or observations in your WMS based on the current selection in Verity. The output is similar to exports in Verity’s item HTML reports. However, the exact location and format in the WMS is dependent upon what each platform supports. By default, Verity will upload five image attachments, the HTML Item report, a .PTS smartpoints file, and the As-built OBJ file. For BIMTrack and Procore, we upload viewpoints and issue locations as well.

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