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Read How Other Firms are Using EdgeWise and Verity to Save Time and Cut Costs

Click on any of the tabs below to read case studies from customers using EdgeWise and Verity. Pressed for time? Click the Testimonials tabs to skim through short customer quotes. To read these case studies in German, please click here.

Airport Baggage System

Time savings of about 40 work hours

Chemical Facility Modeling and P&ID Modernization

55% productivity increase with EdgeWise

EdgeWise Plant Case Study

Ohio Municipal Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Reducing modeling time requirements by at least 60%

EdgeWise Plant Case Study

University Science Building

55% Workflow Improvement for Scan-to-Revit Modeling

EdgeWise Building Revit Case Study

Chicago Federal Building Restoration

Eliminating Time-Consuming Manual Modeling Steps


Airport MEP Refurbishment

66% Productivity Increase in LAX Airport Scanning/Modeling Project

EdgeWise MEP

NFL Football Stadium MEP Refurbishment

EdgeWise MEP Delivers a 75% Workflow Savings + A More Accurate Model


MEP Remodel in a Historic Hotel

EdgeWise MEP Cuts Modeling Time by 70%

EdgeWise MEP

Ohio Hospital MEP Refurbishment

EdgeWise MEP Delivers Major Hospital Project On-Time and On-Budget


Chicago Hospital MEP Refurbishment

New Scan-to-Revit Workflow Saves 70% in Complex Hospital MEP Project

EdgeWise MEP

Offshore Oil Rig Feature Extraction & Modeling

Ramboll Slashes Modeling Time on North Sea Platform by 75%

EdgeWise Plant Case Study

Coal Plant Upgrade

EdgeWise Plant Reduced 3D Modeling Time by Over 50%

EdgeWise Plant Case Study


Steel Construction

EdgeWise Plant Case Study

Hospital Central Unit Plant

Hospital Central Unit Plant

“Revolutionizing Revit modeling from scan data like nothing else on the market!”

– Larry Kleinkemper, CEO, Lanmar Services

“EdgeWise allowed our team to significantly improve point cloud to Revit data and workflow efficiencies. The EdgeWise polygons from the 500 scans gave our team a quick way to create surfaces and model only what was needed, when it was needed, to support design-side delivery dates.”

– Bob Mauck, Ghafari Associates

“Edgewise MEP for Revit is a huge step forward in our market. Tasks that used to take us days to complete can now be done in a few hours.”

– Devon Kelley, BIM Specialist, PrecisionPoint, Inc.

“Edgewise Plant models pipes at warp speed. We were able to complete our project at least 60% faster and the new QA tools ensure pinpoint accuracy and control. It gives us a real competitive advantage bidding projects.”

– Nick Bobbitt, BIM Coordinator, 3D Imaging Services, Inc.

“EdgeWise is a fantastic breakthrough for the plant modeling industry.”

– Scott Cedarleaf, CEO, SkyBucket 3D, Inc.

“EdgeWise Plant’s extraction algorithms automatically modeled about 95% of the pipes in our natural gas project…a huge step forward for the industry.”

– Rajesh Boodoo, CEO, 3D Engineering & Support, Ltd.

“EdgeWise Plant should be in every pipe modeler’s toolbox…We reduced our 3D modeling time substantially.”

– Robert Greenhalgh, 3D Data Specialist, Ramboll Oil and Gas

“I was amazed at how much it reduced the manual workload and allowed my time to be focused on the finished product.”

– Jody Lounsbury, HDS Manager, Clough Harbor Associates

“ClearEdge3D has come through again. The time savings for firms like ours could be substantial.”

– H. Tate Jones, President, LandAir Surveying, Inc.

“EdgeWise Plant will change the way firms model pipes…what ClearEdge has done is truly remarkable.”

– Michael Raphael, CEO, Direct Dimensions, Inc.

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