Export To Revit

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Getting Started This article will cover how to export your EdgeWise models to Revit. EdgeWise has a dedicated import plugin that is automatically installed upon installing EdgeWise. This allows your export to Revit become native Revit family objects. How to Export to Revit With any model open in EdgeWise, navigate… Read more »

Export LandXML Into Revit

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Getting Started A Ground file can export to Revit by a LandXML file. Then, by utilizing the Site Designer plugin you can import the LandXML into Revit. The Site designer plugin can be found and installed through the Autodesk ID account. Under Revit, Updates & Add-on’s, search “Site Designer”. Once… Read more »

Swapping Families In Revit

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Getting Started This article will cover swapping EdgeWise families within Revit. EdgeWise’s Revit export option preserves intelligence for different components. This will allow the swapping of the generic EdgeWise families with your own catalog items in Revit. EdgeWise Begin your workflow by exporting your EdgeWise model using the Export to… Read more »