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A Ground file can export to Revit by a Land XML file. Then by utilizing the “Site Designer” plugin you can import the Land XML into Revit.

Getting Started

The Site designer plugin can be found and installed through the Autodesk ID account. Under Revit, “Updates & Add on’s”, search “Site Designer”

Updates and Addons through Autodesk ID
Plugin list in Autodesk ID account

Once this is installed, a Site Designer plugin will appear in Revit. This will be used to get the LandXML into Revit.


Export the XML file by using the File, Export, Ground, Land XML File. Define the units you would like to use in the export though the Export – Unit Output dialog box.


Inside of Revit, a Site Designer plugin will appear in the ribbon at the top. Select that tab, and select Import Land XML file on the left.

Site Designer plugin inside of Revit Ribbon

Now the ImportLandXML dialog box will appear.

Import LandXML dialog

Select the file to import by using the “…” and choose the positioning system.

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