ADA Ramp Analysis

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Getting Started

This article will cover the Ramp Analysis tool, which analyses handicap ramps for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. This article will cover how to utilize the Ramp Analysis tool, the tool’s parameters, and how to export the result. You can find the Ramps tool under the ADA section in the Inspector toolbar.

Rithm ADA Ramp Analysis Tool
Fig 1: Ramps Tool

Ramp Analysis

To use the Ramp Analysis tool first select Ramps under the ADA button. Next, create a line in the direction of the ramp going downward using left clicks to create the starting and ending point. If you are not sure what the directional slope is, you can use the single slope tool to find out. Once complete, click enter to generate the ramp analysis.

Visual Results of the ramp analysis
Fig 2: Visual Results of the analysis

This will create a line between the two main points clicked, as well as smaller perpendicular lines representing the cross slopes. In addition, Rithm will write out slope values at the measured locations along the lines.

Tool settings

The ADA slope tolerances are located in the Inspector Toolbar Settings button, and can be found in the ADA tab.

The settings below mimic the real life ADA test using a 4′ level. Therefore, when adjusting the settings keep in mind that the information should reflect real life testing criteria.

ADA Ramp analysis parameters
Fig 3: Ramps parameters
  • Additional Interval: Interval of how often the longitude (main direction down the ramp) slope values appear.
  • Spacing: Controls the length in the longitudinal direction of the virtual level.
  • Interval: Sets the interval spacing of how often a cross slope is measured.
  • Cross Length: Controls the length of the cross slope digital level
  • Ramp Testing: Sets the tolerances for the ramp analysis.


The Ramp analysis can be exported as a DXF file. This will export out the slope, cross slope lines, as well as the slope values.

DXF export of the ramp analysis
Fig 4: DXF export of the Ramps Analysis


Now you can click the reports button in the inspector toolbar and select the ADA Ramps tab. You will have longitudinal slope values on the left as well as slope values on the right. You can create an ADA report by clicking the create report button. This will automatically generate a pdf that includes a screenshot as well as the intelligence from the analysis. If you would like to update the screenshot that gets created with the report, simply change the view of your model by panning or zooming in and click the screenshot button.

Fig 5: Report export option for the ramp analysis

For more information on the other ADA tools, refer to the Single Slope or Slope Grid articles.

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