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Getting Started

This article will cover the Settings found within the Inspector Toolbar. These settings will adjust various parameters for the Floor Flatness and ADA functions. For an overview of these tools, refer to this article.

Inspector Tool Bar Settings
Fig 1: Inspector Tool Bar

The Inspector Settings button is located in the Inspector Toolbar. Once selected, the Inspector Options dialog will appear. Here you can adjust settings and parameters for General use, ADA, and FF/FL.


Inspector Options
Fig 2: Inspector Options
  • Colors – Controls the colors of visual elements.
  • Point Sampling Radius – The radius of the point sampling.
  • Unit – The unit settings for distances.
  • Leave Feedback – Click this button to leave feedback.
  • Default Export Directory – The default directory for exported files.
  • Text Size – The size of the text on the screen.


Inspector Options ADA
Fig 3: Inspector Options ADA
  • Additional Interval: Interval of how often the longitude (main direction down the ramp) slope values appear.
  • Spacing: Controls the length in the longitudinal direction of the virtual level.
  • Interval: Sets the interval spacing of how often a cross slope is measured.
  • Cross Length: Controls the length of the cross slope digital level
  • Ramp Testing: Sets the tolerances for the ramp analysis.

For more information on the various ADA tools, refer to the Ramp Analysis, Slope Grid, or Single Slope articles.


Inspector Options FF/FL
Fig 4: Inspector Options FF/FL
  • Minimum density of point per – Controls the maximum density of points.
  • Color of lines/text – Controls the colors of lines and text.
  • Debris sensitivity – Controls the size of the debris that can be ignored by the Floor Flatness analysis.
  • Number of graphs per page – Controls the number of profile graphs that appear on a page of the Floor Flatness report.
  • Show visual graph in 3D – Shows the visual graph in 3D.
  • Show run #’s only – Shows only the run numbers.

For more information on the Floor Flatness tool, refer to this article.

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