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Getting Started

This article will cover the Settings found within the Builder Toolbar. These settings will adjust various parameters for the surfaces and analysis functions. For more information on these tools and functions, start with the Builder Toolbar Overview article.

Builder Toolbar
Fig 1: Builder Toolbar

The Builder Toolbar Settings button is located in the Builder Toolbar. Once selected the settings dialog will open.


Fig 2: Builder-Settings
  • Display – Controls the units and precision for displayed distances, elevations, areas, and volumes.
  • Steel Camber Sanity Check – Controls aspect of the beam camber analysis.
  • Text – Controls the settings for text on the screen.
  • Cone – Controls the radius and height of the cone markers for point measurements.
  • Point Sampling Radius – The radius of the point sampling.
  • Export (Drawing Text Height) – Controls the size of text in exported DXF files.
  • Contour Text Color – Specifies whether contour label text will have the same color as the contour line or a custom color.
  • Point Caching – Controls the caching of points (not editable)
  • Show surface boundaries – If you check this option surfaces will show the boundary Rithm uses to create them, and the active surface will be shown with a yellow bounding box.
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