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Getting Started

This article will cover how to create a contour map. The overview of contour map creation is defining an area to be analyzed, set your settings, and then exporting out your result. We recommend applying a debris filter before moving onto map creation.


There are two methods for contour creation. First, by clicking on Add Surface after a debris filter has been run. Second, by clicking Contour Map under the surface tool and left clicking to define the area.

Contour Map Button
Fig 1: Contour Map Button


Contour Settings
Fig 2: Contour Settings

Spacing Along Contour determines how dense the elevations values along the contours will be. Sliding it to the left will results in more dense values, while sliding it to the right will result in more spaced out values.

Interval defines how dense or sparse the created contour lines will be. Slide the bar to the left for more contour lines, slide the bar to the right for more spaced contour lines.

Smoothness determines how smooth or jagged the contour lines will be in the final map. Slide the bar to the left for smoother lines, slide the bar to the right for more detailed lines.

For Coloring Mode

High / Low: Contour Lines will have multiple colors reflecting the different elevation. This means each color band will represent the change of the defined tolerance.

Cut / Fill: Provides 3 colors. Red for above tolerance. Green for in Tolerance. Blue for below tolerance.

Plain: The contour lines will contain no color.

Completed Contour Map
Fig 3: Completed Contour Map


You can export this map as a DXF file using the Export button in the Builder Toolbar.

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