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Getting Started

This article will cover how to use the monitor changes tool with regards to Grid of Points and Beam Camber analysis’. Monitor changes allows a user to compare the results of their elevation points from grid of points or their deflection measurements from a Beam Camber analysis.


This tool is located in the Builder Toolbar under the Analysis sub menu.

Monitor Changes button
Fig 1: Monitor Changes button

Once selected, an analysis dialog box will appear.

Fig 2: Analysis
  • Type – Specifies the type of analysis points in import.
  • File Path – Specifies the path the the file to import. Clicking the Browse button will allow you to select the file name and location.
  • Run Steel Analysis – Runs any deferred beam camber calculations.

Selecting ground monitoring points will allow you to import previous analyzed grid of points. Choosing Steel Monitoring Method A will allow you to import a previously analyzed beam camber analysis. After completing your settings, select Import.

Depending on how the Monitor Changes points align with your current analysis, you might have overlapping values. To remedy this, you can disable specific layers from view in the Builder Edit Button sub menu.

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