Surface Wizard

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Getting Started The Surface Wizard tool is found in the Surfaces menu in the Builder Toolbar. The Surface Wizard will walk you through a debris filter step followed by either a contour map or heat map. For more information on each of these steps, refer to the articles above.

Debris Filter

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Getting Started This article will go over the Debris Filter. The Debris Filter will attempt to remove any points from your point cloud such as cables, dirt piles, ect. that are on the floor. You can find this tool in the Builder and Inspector Toolbars. See screenshot below: The Debris… Read more »

Builder – Edit

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Getting Started This article will cover the Edit button found in the Builder toolbar. While the Edit tool is also found in the Inspector toolbar, the Builder Edit button has a slightly different set of functionality. You can access this Edit button by first clicking on the Builder Tool Bar… Read more »