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Getting Started

This article will cover server setup, server access controls, and client configuration for an EdgeWise Software Lock Network License.

For legacy hardware key network licenses, view this article: Legacy EdgeWise Network License Installation

If the server or computer hosting the software lock network license will also be running EdgeWise, please follow the standard installation and activation process: EdgeWise Software Lock (SL) Installation

We now support VM servers. Please let your sales rep, licensing admin, or tech support representative that you will be running the license on a VM so that we can make the license appropriately.

Server Setup

To install only the software license on a server, download this zip file, which contains the necessary tools: EdgeWiseSoftwareLockNetworkSetup.zip
If you are not able to download this for any reason, please contact support at support@clearedge3d.com.

On the licensing server, unzip the EdgeWiseSoftwareLockNetworkSetup.zip found above. It contains the following 3 files:

  • Haspdinst_Runner.bat
  • haspdinst_EdgeWise.exe
  • RUS-EWLicenseTool.exe

Summary of Steps to install and activate:

  1. Run the Haspdinst_Runner.bat as an admin
  2. Create a .c2v request file using the RUS-EWLicenseTool.exe (use your company name as the name of the file to keep things organized)
  3. Email the .c2v file to licensing@clearedge3d.com
  4. Apply the .v2c file sent in response using the RUS-EWLicenseTool.exe

Step 1

Run the Haspdinst_Runner.bat as an admin:

Fig 1: Installing the licensing environment that hosts the license

After successful installation, confirm the licensing environment installation locally on the server here: Sentinel Admin Control Center.

Once this is accessible, open the RUS-EWLicenseTool.exe. Select the Installation of new protection key under “Collect Status Information”. Select Collect Information to create the c2v file:

Fig 2: RUS-License Tool

Email the .c2v file to licensing@clearedge3d.com. It is recommended to respond directly to the ClearEdge3D License Certificate email. A corresponding .v2c file will be sent back to you.

On the same computer, open the RUS-EWLicenseTool.exe and navigate to the Apply License File section. Select the provided v2c file and click Apply Update:

Fig 3: Apply License File

Verify that the license is active by navigating to Sentinel Admin Control Center. EdgeWise keys have the Vendor ID 91033. Ignore the license with the Key ID: 1025961344659692567.

Fig 4: Sentinel Admin Control Center

After activating the license, the license needs to be made accessible on the network. Start by navigating the Sentinel Admin Control Center: Network Configuration. Set the Network Visibility to All Network Adapters:

Fig 5: Network Configuration

Server Access Controls

License access can be controlled in the Access from Remote Clients section of the Sentinel Admin Control Center: Client Configuration. By default, any computer on the network can access the license.

Ensure the Allow Access from Remote Clients is checked. There are a large variety of options for controlling access. This is a guide hosted by the local licensing environment: http://localhost:1947/_int_/ACC_help_config_remote_clients.html

From the link above

allow=[item] and/or deny=[item], where item is an IP address or machine name. IP addresses can include “*” or a range of addresses to allow or deny multiple addresses. The value of item can also be all or none. Each entry must be on a separate line. The entries are evaluated in the order in which they are specified.

For example, item can be:     a single address  range of addresses (only 4th number may be a range)
10.24.2.*      class C subnet
10.24.*.*      class B subnet
10.*.*.*       class A subnet   subnet, number of mask bits specified

Fig 6: Access to Remote License Managers

Client Configuration

Once the license is activated on the server, client computers should be configured to find the network license.

This is done on the client computer running EdgeWise in the configuration section of the Sentinel Admin Control Center: Configuration.

Start by going to the Access to Remote License Managers  section and place the IP or FQDN of the server that was just setup in the Remote License Search Parameters section.

Also, check the Allow Access to Remote Licenses check box:

Fig 7: Allow Access to Remote Licenses

After configuration, wait up to a minute for the local client service to find newly defined licenses. They will appear in the http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html section with the location being the name of the license server.

Fig 8: Defined licenses on the server

Once these are seen in the localhost, open EdgeWise to confirm the licenses are found.

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